A selection of some of the most famous movie and TV slogans of all time with a typical Nordikota style.  From the iconic "I'll be back", to the scary "H-e-e-r-e-s  Johny!".  We've got them all covered.  Simply choose your slogan and garment type/colour/size.  

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The hard hitting Vietnam movie "Full Metal Jacket" features this classic line "What is your maj..


Threatened You Before

The box office smash "Pirates of the Caribbean" featured this classic line from Captain Jack Sparrow..


Top of the World

From the classic black and white gangster movie "White Heat" comes this "I Made it Ma!" design print..


Unleash Hell

From the action movie "Gladiator" comes this line "On my command, unleash hell".  The desi..


Which End

"I'm not confident on which end that came out of" is one of the funniest lines from the movie Brides..


Yippee Ki Yay

From the all action movie "Die Hard" comes this iconic quote "Yippe Ki Yay Motherfucker".  This..


You Talkin to Me

Taken from the movie "Taxi Driver" is this iconic quote "You Talkin to me" printed in black on ..